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User reviews for Samsung Gear 360

User reviews for Samsung Gear 360

Here are a few user reviews (that is by people who have actually used the Samsung Gear 360 camera):

A customer described it as a “fun product to use” because it is easy to use. He said that, the moment you finish setting it up and linked it to your phone with an app, you can begin using the camera. You can then leave it in an ideal location that will capture everything, so you can join the party. Using an extra memory card allows you to record as long as you want.

Another person who is a wedding photographer simple said “I love this little camera”. He said he has plenty ideas for the Samsung Gear 360 and that they are perfect in any situation. He used it on Christmas day to video the opening of the presents and reactions of my family and also took it with him when he went snowboarding, and got a lot of images from there.

A customer who used the Samsung Gear 360 to travel to Ghana for vacation acknowledged that the Samsung Gear 360 is a “Great travel companion”. He advises travelers and tourists that the Samsung Gear 360 is a great gadget to carry along for your travels.  He said “I was in Ghana for the New Year and used it a lot to capture day trips out of Accra. It was great to view the clips in Gear VR and share my trips with my family when I got back”!

Still another customer referred to the Samsung Gear 360 as an “Amazing bit of tech”. He said he purchased his own Samsung Gear 360 after he had a good experience of Virtual Reality on the Gear VR when he purchased his S7 Edge.  He was eager to purchase the Gear 360 to create fully 360 images and videos to try out and relive. He considers the Packaging to be great, and phone set up simple. The packaging of the 360 is premium and set up to the phone is great.  Other things that caught his attention was that the box is a cloth bag, microfiber cloth cleaner and a mini tripod. It was easy for him to set up and within seconds he was ready to shoot. “The included mini tripod is great to start with and it has the right adapter to attach to a bigger tripod if you wanted to! I have since purchased a taller tripod with adaptor so I can use at height”


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