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UNU’s nice work!

So, I was in Berlin, and UNU was offering the most exciting little motor scooter. Their partner, BOSCH, is one of the most exciting and dependable Automotive Industries experts and mechanics in the country, and UNU is wise to be aligned with them. But, alternatively, they are wise to be aligned with UNU. UNU is bringing something revolutionary to the table, not only an electric scooter, but no electric scooter that can be charged with a wall charger with in your home. The battery is removable and very portable and light. More so than any other vehicle I’ve ever seen, and there is no option to use oil or gas in this thing, it is all clean. It’s so simple, and they only make it if you order it. That means there’s a website, and once you’ve decided to order one and paid for it, they make the one that you decided to order. The customisation goes down to the colors of the designs and the power of the engine. They can all only get up to about 45 kilometers an hour, however it is possible to have a different engine which gets you there with different levels of acceleration. There are three engine choices. And a lot of color choices. And several combinations. There’s a lot to be excited about, trust me. If UNU is any indication, I think that the scooters are going to make their way around the world, and that they are going to become perfect for City Slickers everywhere.


Want: elektroroller kaufen! (buy a scooter!)


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