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Students must have friendly website

Are you like me? As a student, do you worry about your final exams putting a major dent in all the progress that you’ve managed to achieve during an entire year or semester of a course. I know that I totally do. I do I do I do. So, I’m constantly crunching the numbers and every distinct class that I have. I’m looking at the amount that things like class participation, homework, in class assignments, and other smaller exams, and tests, that take place randomly throughout the semester, I’m looking at the value that they contribute towards my final Mark. Then, of course, I’m looking at how my midterm affects my mark, and then I’m most specifically worried about how my final exam is going to impact everything. I worry about this all the time, literally– All. The. Time. This is just how I am as a student come in and not alone. I know I’m not alone, because websites like this one exists. This is a weighted grade calculator, basically it tells you exactly what you need to score on your final exam to maintain or obtain the course Mark or great that you really hope to achieve at the end of your year or semester. Basically, this information is always changing from class to class, Professor to Professor, teacher to teacher, and so on. But, with this website, you just plug into three very basic pieces of information, press a single button, and you will learn exactly what you need to get to get the grade that you want. It’s really super simple, and I recommend it to anybody who cares about this type of thing.

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