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Should I buy plastic camping chairs?


Are you looking for the lightest and most affordable camping chairs? You can get beautiful camping chairs for a very little amount if you choose to buy plastic camping chairs. Plastic is a very good material to use in camping chairs for a lot of reasons. In this article we will explain why we think that you should buy plastic camping chairs:

Plastic is recyclable:

Plastic camping chairs are probably made from recyclable material and can be fully recycled when it is time to have them replaced. This means that by choosing plastic camping chairs, you are actually choosing a green option that will not hurt the environment.

Plastic is cheap to replace:

Plastic camping chairs are not the most durable ones but they are also very cheap to replace. You can 5 plastic camping chairs for the price of one chair that is made from other material like aluminum or wood.

Plastic is very light:

Plastic is definitely the lightest material used to make camping chairs. While other materials like aluminum could be light too, nothing beats the lightness of plastic. This means that plastic camping chairs are the best to carry around in your backpack or on long hiking trips.

Plastic is weather proof:

Plastic will not react with the elements and will not rot or rust. No matter how much time you leave it in the sun or in the rain, nothing will change in the qualities of your plastic camping chair and it will always stay the same.

Plastic doesn’t conduct temperature:

Plastic won’t burn your skin if it has been left for hours in the sun, unlike aluminum or other metals. It won’t also sting you with coldness if you left it in the rain. It will always have a nice feel to it wherever you are.

Plastic is very easy to clean:

Plastic can be easily cleaned with a scrubbing brush, a water hose and some soap. Plastic doesn’t need any special cleaning equipment or tools. Stains and dirt don’t stick to it and it will always look clean.

Mould doesn’t form on plastic:

If left wet, water can cause the growth of mould on wood, nylon and other fabrics. But mould doesn’t grow on plastic chairs. They can stay wet for days and nothing will go wrong with them.


We think that plastic camping chairs are great if you want to get hassle free camping chairs that don’t cost a fortune.

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