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Effective and relevant service

So what can I say in an Amazon Prime Canada review that you haven’t already heard? Well, if they have made significant strides into becoming an amazing resource, and the fact that they have improved so much over the last year or two years, shows that they are willing to listen to customer feedback and create more and more improvements. In the USA, I know people who order something on Amazon and have it delivered to their door within an hour or two. Now, up here in Canada, we don’t quite have the same level of Engagement with Amazon. Amazon just has not committed as fully. It’s something that would have been impossible to imagine not that long ago, but we’re getting to the point where the Amazon warehouses are just so diverse, and technology is advancing to such a point where the delivery process is so streamlined, and Amazon is making enough money where they can afford so many warehouses and so many different areas, that I think that Amazon Prime Canada will even improve more, which is hard to imagine, but I think that adding this level of speed, and the fact that they’ve showed that they’re willing to keep up with the times and add new features to their service in general, is going to make them more and more effective and more and more relevant.

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