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Burnaby as a unique place to live

                                               Burnaby as a unique place to live

There are many places in the world that have buildings like Burnaby condos. This Earth is one of the great gifts of God. We see here and there different kind of lands, climate, natural scenes, and many more. Many countries across the globe have diverse populations, climates, lands, coasts, religions, and oceans. Canada is one of those countries which has all these things. It is the second largest and perhaps the first most diverse country. It has even 6 different time zones. Its economy is also one of the world’s largest economies. Its main industries include Agriculture, Energy, Automobile, Services and Manufacturing. It has the world’s best irrigation system. There are many beautiful and big cities to live in Canada. Burnaby is one of these cities.

What makes Burnaby Unique

There are many big and charming cities in Canada, but we can easily rank Burnaby as the most unique city. This city is situated in the East of Vancouver city which is the capital of British Colombian Province. It is at a journey of about 15 minutes from Vancouver and thus holds a prominent place in this Province. This city was evolved in the 19th century by Robert Burnaby and thus named after his name. There are many things worth mentioning which made this city a unique place to live in. Some of these are:


The first factor that makes it unique is its location, Farris Kapani said.  Geographically, it is near the capital city of Vancouver. There was a time when it was agricultural but now it has changed into a bedroom city for people working in Vancouver. Now most of its population is urban and live in Condos. Moreover, the Metropolis, the largest shopping mall of British Colombia is in Burnaby and this is the reason it has changed into metropolitan city.


The next thing which makes it unique is the diverse community living in Burnaby. There is no majority of a particular ethnic group. Instead, people from different ethnic groups and different areas are living in harmony. This blend of different religious sects makes it unique.

Natural climatic conditions

Another factor which makes it unique is its natural environment and beauty. It has hills, valleys, rivers, and alluvial plains. It also receives more snowfall than Vancouver and this adds to its scenic beauty.

Growing economy

Another unique factor here is that it has a growing economy and therefore, there are more employment opportunities and people are moving rapidly to Burnaby.


Another good thing that makes it unique is that it has a good road and transport system inside the city and all other parts of the Province. All the main highways including Highway 1, marine ways, Canada highway pass through it.


Another factor is the good facility of education. There are many public and private institutions in Burnaby which deliver quality education and you do not have to worry for your children education.

In the end we can say that Burnaby is a unique place to live in. Almost most of the population live in Burnaby condos which are very common.

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