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A short Bio of Michael Bublé

A short Bio of Michael Bublé

The full name of Michael Bublé is Michael Steven Bublé. Another common unknown fact is that he was born in a small Canadian city called Burnaby4. Like these points, we will go through some of the unknown things about his life. Let’s explore more on this short bio about Michael Bublé.


Although Michael Bublé was born Canadian, he also has the Italian citizenship. This is relatively recent. The title was given to him in 2005 by a legal term called jus sanguinis. This term refers to people who have parents of different nationalities from the place they were born. For Michael Bublé, his grandfather Demetrio Santagá from his father’s side is Italian, as is his grandmother from his mother’s side, named Iolanda née Moscone. Due to this background, he was granted the Italian citizenship.


Life as a Fisherman

It is hard to believe that Michael Bublé had the past as a fisherman. This profession was adopted due to his father’s connections. Lewis Bublé had a long career as a salmon fisherman in Canada. When his only male son turned 14, he took him to work with him onboard. The life of a fisherman lasted 6 years, with constant travels of two to three months and the opportunity to share experiences with his father’s crewmates.


His Pasion for Music came from a Young Age

Michael Bublé has declared that he wanted to be a singer since he was only two years old. Due to his family influence, he liked Jazz music since he turned five. At the age of 13, Michael started taking singing lessons paid by his grandpa. Michael Bublé’s potential as a singer rose when he was singing a Christmas song during a road trip.


Other Passions

Perhaps a bigger passion than music was playing ice hockey. He wished he could turn professional and play for the Vancouver Canucks. However, the boy from Burnaby had no real talent for hockey. That is why he pursue his second passion, music. Thanks to that we can now enjoy some of his incredible songs. But that doesn’t mean he abandoned hockey. For a long time, he supported the sport as a fan. He asks for a hockey puck on every city he visits and is known for being a supporter of the Vancouver Canucks. In late 2008, he had the chance to get a part of the Vancouver Giants team and now is a co-owner.

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