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A hardworking friend

In his work where he deals with different kinds of people— my friend Mike–from going to different government offices and collection offices—Mike has somehow mastered the art of being patient and organized in what he is doing. He loves his work and treats every company’s property as his own. Even those 360 kamera  he uses for shoots.

His colleagues can attest to his ethic and his respect for the people around him.


For the past eight years, Mike has been with us the lessons he has gained were what keeps him going until now.

Aside from the camaraderie and teamwork with his colleagues, Mike’s faith strengthens within the bounds of the building  because of its sound Christian values. For him, this is the best thing he has adapted. And this has made him the man he is right now. It is also in Trianon—which is a family-oriented company—where he realized that being a family man is where he is headed next.

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